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muy importante! (is importante spanish?)   
05:22pm 06/03/2003
mood: bouncy
okay, because I am a really big cheap-o I'm not going to pay 15 dollars to change my name.

This journal will no longer be my active journal

I feel like the name isn't really me anymore...Anycrap, I will be adding all of you to my new friends list. Add me back or I will stalk you and leave mysterious cans of meat in between your pillows.

new name: iwearmittens

(my name's a lil shout out to Ana)

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*Privacy at last*   
02:06pm 10/04/2002

Okay people...as of today, 4-10-2002 this journal is becoming friends only...the social maggots that think they can eat away at my rotting meat are about to be exterminated almost completely. If by some insane reason you show an interest in what I have to say, add me as a friend and very shortly I will add you back.

"Big American PARTY! Everybody Disco dancing good time for all! I'm having very good time! Robot dancing! Oh no, POLICE!"



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